Locations and Class Times


Due to Covid 19, Artistic Endeavors will be offering classes in 5 week sessions.  We are offering a limited schedule virtually and in person at Performing Dance Center (3310 S 2700 E) Steiner Sportscomplex and Millcreek Community Center.  Holladay Lions will offer new classes in January.  For session dates, please visit our sessions page. To register, go to our registration page.

In Person Classes Fall 2020  

Performing Dance Center Location (3310 S 2700 E)

Ballet 1  (3-5) Thursday 2:15    Friday 10:30    Saturday 9:00

Ballet 2 (5-7) Friday 2:15    Saturday 10:00

Ballet 3 (7-9) Friday 3:00   Saturday 11:00

Ballet 4 (9-11) Friday 3:45  Saturday 11:00

Jazz  (7-10) Saturday 10:00

Adult Tap Thursday 1:15

Steiner Sportscomplex (Nov 9 – Dec 18)

Ballet 1 (3-5) Mondays 1:00  Thursdays 9:30

Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo class (6-9) Tuesday 4:00-5:30

Millcreek Community Center (Nov 9-Dec 18)

Ballet 1 (3-5) Wednesdays 11:15  & 3:30

Ballet/Jazz combo class (6-9) Wednesdays 4:15

Ballet IV (9-12) Wednesdays 5:15



Virtual Classes are recorded and may be viewed at any time during the session.  Instagram Live is the platform that we will be using.  You must provide your IG info on the registration form to receive the IG classes.

Adult Tap Wednesdays 9:00am    Friday 9:00am

Little Kids Ballet (5 & under) Monday 2:30

Ballet (6-9) Monday 3:15 may be pushed back to a later time

Ballet (9 +) Monday 4:15



Due to Covid 19, the following information is not currently accurate. Please see above for our Limited Schedule during Covid 19.

Artistic Endeavors Dance offers classes in 4 sessions.  Although most of our dancers participate year round, we do welcome single session dancers.  To see when our sessions begin,  along with class closure/relocation dates please visit our sessions page.


Holladay Lions Recreation Center   1661 E Murray-Holladay Road, SLC  ( 385-468-1700)

Millcreek Community Center    2266 Evergreen Ave. (3400 S), SLC  (385-468-1380)

Steiner Sportscomplex and Aquatic Center   645 S. Guardsman Way, SLC (385-468-1925)

Performing Dance Center    3300 S 2700 E, SLC (801-463-4684)


View registration information or class locations and schedule.  Tuition rates can be found on the registration information page.

For information about Artistic Endeavors’ Adult Ballet and Adult Tap classes, click here.


Welcome to our Class schedule page.  For your convenience, our class schedule is listed in two ways.

1. View classes by LEVEL.  Scroll down the page to find classes listed by location instead of level.  This will help you find the class your are looking for at the day and time that you are looking for.  All locations are within 15 minutes of each other.

2.  View classes by LOCATION.  Artistic Endeavors hold classes at 4 different locations around the valley; Holladay Lions Recreation Center, Millcreek Community Center, Steiner Sportscomplex and Performing Dance Center.  Under locations, classes are listed in order of student age/level.  If the day and time of your preferred location does not fit your schedule, try viewing your class choice under LEVEL.  All locations are within 15 minutes of each other.

Note:  Summer classes have a different schedule (see our sessions page.)   Please note that our summer session has a different schedule from the school year.  This allows us to offer more classes during the day and free up your evenings for family time!




Until we have fully re-opened Due to Covid 19, the following schedule is not available.  Please see above for Covid 19 Schedule.

Schedule by Level (age):


“Beginning Feets!” ages 3 & under

Monday 10:15 at Holladay Lions

Tuesday 10:15 at Performing Dance Center

Wednesday 10:15 at Performing Dance Center

Thursday 10:15 at Sportscomplex


Ballet I  ages 3-5

Monday 9:30 at Holladay Lions &  1:15 at Sportscomplex

Tuesday 9:20 at Performing Dance Center

Wednesday 9:20 at Performing Dance Center  &  11:15 at Millcreek Community Center

Thursday 9:30 at Sportscomplex  &  1:15 at Holladay Lions

Saturday 9:30 at Holladay Lions


 Ballet II/Tap  ages 5-8

Friday 3:45 at Sportscomplex

Saturday 10:15 at Holladay Lions

 Ballet II/Jazz  ages 5-8

Wednesday 4:00 at Millcreek Community Center


 Ballet III/Tap   ages 7-10

Friday 2:00 at Sportscomplex

Ballet III/Jazz  ages 7-10

Wednesday 5:00 Millcreek Community Center


Ballet IV ages 9-12

Wednesday 6:00 Millcreek Community Center

Saturdays, 12:15 Holladay Lions


Adult Ballet

Thursdays 12:15 Holladay Lions


Jazz I  ages 5-8

Friday 3:00 at Sportscomplex

Jazz II  ages 8-12

Saturday 11:15 at Holladay Lions

Intermediate Jazz  ages 10-12

Monday 5:00 at Millcreek Community Center


 Adult Tap

Monday 11:00 at Holladay Lions

Thursdays 11:20 at Holladay Lions



Until we are fully re-opened Due to Covid 19, the following schedule is not available.  Please see above for Covid 19 Schedule.

Schedule by Location:

East Millcreek Community Center

2266 Evergreen Ave (3400 S.), Salt lake City, Utah  84106 385-468-1380

Pre-Ballet I ages 3-5

Wednesdays 11:15

Ballet II/Jazz ages 5-8

Wednesdays 4:00

Ballet III/Jazz ages 7-10

Wednesdays 5:00

 Ballet IV ages 9-12

Wednesdays 6:00

Intermediate Jazz ages 9-12

Mondays 5:00


Salt Lake City Sports Complex

645 South Guardsman Way (1580 E), Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 (map)

“Beginning Feets!” ages 6mos – 3yrs

Thursdays 10:15

Pre-Ballet I  ages 3-5

Mondays 1:15
Thursdays 9:30

Ballet II/Tap I  ages 5-8

Fridays 3:45

Ballet III/Tap II  ages 7-10

Fridays 2:00

Jazz I ages 5-8

Fridays 3:00

Holladay-Lions Fitness & Recreation Center

1661 E Murray-Holladay Rd, Salt Lake City, Ut 84124 (map)

“Beginning Feets!”  ages 6mos – 3yrs

Mondays 10:15

Pre-Ballet I  ages 3-5

Mondays 9:30

Thursdays 1:15

Saturdays 9:30

Ballet II/Tap I  ages 5-8

Saturdays 10:15

Ballet IV  ages 9-12

Saturdays 12:15

Jazz II ages 8-12

Saturdays 11:15

Adult Tap

Mondays 11:00

Thursdays 11:20

Adult Ballet

Thursdays 12:15

Performing Dance Center

3295 South 2000 East, Salt Lake City, Utah (map)

“Beginning Feets!”  ages 6mos – 3yrs

Tuesdays 10:15

Wednesdays 10:15

Pre-Ballet I  ages 3-5

Tuesdays 9:20

Wednesdays 9:20