Locations and Class Times


Offering classes at:

Steiner Sportscomplex, Millcreek Community Center and Holladay Lions

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FALL 2021 Winter 2022

Beginning Feets Parent/Child 6mths & up

Mondays 10:15 @Holladay Lions

Thursdays 10:15 @Steiner Sportscomplex

Saturdays 9:00 @Holladay Lions


Ballet 1 ages 3-5

Monday 9:30 @Holladay Lions

Wednesday 11:15 @Millcreek Community Center

Wednesday 1:00 @Millcreek Community Center

Thursday 9:30 @Steiner Sportscomplex

Thursday 1:30 @Holladay Lions

Saturday 9:30 @Holladay Lions


Combo Classes

Ballet 2/tap ages 5-7

Thursday 4:00 @Holladay Lions

Saturday 10:15 @Holladay Lions

Ballet 2/jazz ages 5-7

Wednesday 4:00 @Millcreek Community Center


Ballet 3/tap ages 8-10

Tuesday 6:00 @Steiner Sportscomplex

Ballet 3/jazz ages 8-10

Wednesday 5:00 @Millcreek Community Center


Single Subject Classes

Beginning Jazz ages 6-9

Thursday 7:00 @Holladay Lions


Beginning Jazz  ages 8-12 

Tuesday 7:00 @Steiner Sportscomplex


Ballet 4 ages 9-12 with 3 years of training

Tuesday 4:00 @Steiner Sportscomplex

Wednesday 6:00 @Millcreek Community Center

Jazz  4 ages 9-12 with previous training

Tuesday 5:00 @Steiner Sportscomplex


Ballet 5 ages 12-14 with 3 years of training

Monday 4:00 @Millcreek Community Center

Wednesday 7:00 @Millcreek Community Center

Jazz  5 ages 12-14 with previous training

Monday 5:00 @Holladay Lions with previous training


Ballet 6 (By placement only)

Monday 6:00 @Millcreek community Center

Thursday 5:00 @ Holladay Lions

Advanced Jazz 6 ages 12-14 (By placement only)


Company Classes

Mini Company (Invitation/audition only)

All level 4 classes (Tuesday/Wednesday) Choreography on Saturdays

Tuesday 4-6 @ Sportscomplex

Wednesday 6-7 @ Millcreek Community Center

Saturday 11:15-12:00 @ Holladay Lions


Jr. Company (Invitation/audition only)

All level 5 classes (Monday/Wednesday) Choreography on Saturdays

Monday 4-6 @ Millcreek Community Center

Wednesday 7-8 @ Millcreek Community Center

Saturday 12-1 @ Holladay Lions


Sr. Company (Invitation/audition only)

All level 6 classes (Monday/Thursday)  Choreography on Thursdays Comp Class on Saturday

Mondays 6-8 @ Millcreek Community Center

Thursdays 5-7 @ Holladay Lions

Competition Class for solos/duets/trios

Saturdays 1-2:30 @ Holladay Lions


Adult Classes

Adult Tap 

Monday 11:00 @Holladay Lions

Monday 12:00 @Holladay Lions

Thursday 11:30@ Holladay Lions

Thursday 12:30@ Holladay Lions

Adult Ballet

Wednesday 12:00 @Millcreek Community Center



Holladay Lions Recreation Center   1661 E Murray-Holladay Road, SLC  ( 385-468-1700)

Millcreek Community Center    2266 Evergreen Ave. (3400 S), SLC  (385-468-1380)

Steiner Sportscomplex and Aquatic Center   645 S. Guardsman Way, SLC (385-468-1925)



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For information about Artistic Endeavors’ Adult Ballet and Adult Tap classes, click here.