Registration Information



To register for an Artistic Endeavors class, you must first choose your class and location and then register through each individual location:

  • For classes at Holladay-Lions,  you may either register online at www.holladaylionsfitness.activityreg.com  or in person at the front desk.
  • For classes at East Millcreek Community Center,  you may either register online at activityreg.com or in person at the front desk.
  • For classes at The Sportscomplex, you may register online at  activityreg.com or in person at the front desk. Skating credits may not be used toward dance programs.
  • For the Performing Dance Center, go to www.performingdancecenter.com and register online.  You may also register in person at the front desk but must do so during PDC registration dates which are limited.
  • Registering after the first class of each session is allowed but you must receive permission from Artistic Endeavors to receive a prorated tuition which is not offered until a session is half way through. You will be offered “make up” options for missed classes.
  • Classes are offered in 7-15 week sessions and full payment is required before the first class.  Refunds are NOT issued.  Tuition credits are not available at this time.

All Childrens classes are sold by session.   Sessions range from 7-15 weeks.  Artistic Endeavors does not refund tuition.  Adult classes may be purchased as individual classes.  Class rates are as follows (per class):

“Beginning Feets”          $9 per class

PreBallet I                       $13 per class

Ballet II/Tap                    $15 per class

Ballet II/Jazz                  $15 per class

Ballet III /Tap                $15 per class

Ballet III/Jazz                 $15 per class

Ballet IV                          $15 per class

Intermediate Ballet         $15 per class

Jazz I                        $13 per class/45 minutes

Tap                                   $15 per class

Jazz I I                             $15 per class

Intermediate Jazz          $15 per class

Adult Classes                   $5