AED is a September-May program with quarterly tuition payments and offers additional programming in the summer.

All tuition is paid by credit card through our online portal.  Tuition is charged quarterly (Sept-May) with an automatic renewal into the next quarter unless you request a “drop” before the current quarter ends.  A reminder will be sent via email before each quarter ends in-case your student would like to add or drop classes.

Summer classes are separate from the Sept-May auto renewal and will require a summer registration.

Tuition is non-refundable once charged.

Tuition Rates (Quarters are 12 weeks and summer prorated to 8 weeks):

30 Min Class = $156 quarterly 

45 Min Class = $180 quarterly

1 Hour Class = $216 quarterly

1.5 Hour Class= $240 quarterly

Adult Tap 1 class a week morning= $96 quarterly

Adult Tap 2 class a week morning = $168 quarterly

Adult Tap Unlimited= $216 quarterly

Adult Ballet 1 class a week morning = $96 quarterly

Evening Adult classes 1 a week = $216 quarterly

Elevated Barre Classes (register through Elevated Barre)

Company (4-5 classes a week/ 2 ballet, 1 pointe (Ballet 5 & higher), 1 Jazz 1 Company) = $864 quarterly

Company Gold (Unlimited Classes of Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Acro, Hip Hop,Company) $1080.00 quarterly

Ballet Level 2-7 will be charged $15 for Level Alignment Belt 

Costume Fees $65-$100 per costume

Recital Fees $50 per student 

Competition, Recital and Costume Fees are separate from tuition and families will be notified before fees are charged.  

All companies will perform in a Nutcracker and compete in 1 competition if the director determines that they are ready. 

All Classes will perform in a Spring/May Recital. 

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