Ballerina Birthday Parties

Give your child a birthday party they will never forget!

Our Ballerina Party is designed for children ages 3-8 but older children are also welcome!

Our parties are held on Saturdays 1:00pm-2:30pm at the AED Studios

Our 1.5 hour party includes the following:

  • A digital download birthday invitation which includes your child’s name and RSVP information. We will leave it up to you to distribute your invitations. Be sure to let us know how many guests will be participating!
  • A tutu ceremony where every guest receives her tutu or his sash for the day. The birthday child gets to wear a very special ballet performance tutu and crown. Although it is not mandatory, To make your experience even more realistic, we encourage your guests to wear a leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. For the boys, we encourage them to wear black athletic pants and a white T-shirt.
  • A special 30 minute ballet class for all paid guests. If any unpaid guest would like to join in, we charge and additional $20 per guest.
  • A Sleeping Beauty story time
  • A pointe performance by a real ballerina.
  • A photo shoot with our party host and ballerina. (Your Camera)
  • Time for opening gifts.
  • Every party guest leaves with a delicious ballerina cupcake from So Cupcake! Food and drink are not allowed in our facility, but your guests will happily leave with a ballerina topped, pink frosted, vanilla cupcake from So Cupcake in a special So Cupcake box.

The cost of this very special event is only $300 for 10 guests (including the birthday child). Additional guests are welcome at $20 per guest. Because we special order our Ballerina Cupcakes from So Cupcake!, all attending guests must be prepaid 48 hours before the event. Children who attend without a prepayment will still incur a charge of $20 but will not receive a So Cupcake! $150 NON REFUNDABLE is due at booking to hold your reservation. The remaining $150 is due 48 hours before your party date. At the time of your booking, you will be instructed how to pay for your party. Remember food and drink is not allowed in our building, so we will have to charge a $50 cleaning fee if this is violated.


Do Kids Have to wear ballet attire? No. But its will make the experience more magical. Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers is what we recommend.

Can boys come to the party? Yes. Dance is for everyone. White T-shirt, black athletic pants is recommended.

Can parents take pictures? Yes. At the end we will also provide a photo shoot with our Party Host and Ballerina for you to take pictures with your camera.

What type of dance will the class be? Ballet.

Does Artistic Endeavors send out the invitations? No. But we will provide you with a digital download for your convenience.

What if we don’t have 10 kids? Is the price reduced? Unfortunately, no. $300 is the minimum fee for an AED party!

Can parents stay during the party? Yes, if they are the birthday child’s parents and grandparents. All other families/non participating siblings must leave the building.

Can I entertain my friends in the lobby during the party? NO! AED is not set up for large group gatherings in our lobby. Plus, food and drink is NOT allowed in our facility so please do not plan on having the families of the party guests stay. If the weather is nice, you may use our back parking lot to tailgate with your friends but you must carry away all trash and kindly leave our property clean (we do not have trash dumpsters). A $50 cleaning fee will be charged if you would like for us to clean up after you.

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